Kapital Film Production

Kapital Films is a production company founded by  our GM, known in the Ethiopian Cinema Industry as actress, director, and producer Roman Fekade.

Roman Fekade is an Ethiopian film producer, actress and film script writer who owns “Kapital” Film Production Company. Roman was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Roman Fekade, lived in London for seven years.

She also explored African, Asian and European life styles for about a decade and whose previous experience in film consisted of lead acting (“Kistet”) has expanded her creative talent and moved behind the scenes to write and produce  Adinas (The Movie), “Bale Taxiw”, and “City Boyz” films. After completing her last project as lead actress in the hugely popular drama “Kistet” before six years, she was taken aback by rave reviews the movie received not just by the popular press but by the public in general. Following the movie which was being shown in movie theatres and hit at the box office, Roman has been able to win many film directors attention though she couldn’t manage to accept all requests. It is with this encouragement that she decided to establish “Kapital Film Production Company, and write and produce films. Roman has been casted at “Gebena” and “Sewlesew” popular Ethiopian TV dramas.

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The name ‘Kapital’ comprises of two meanings. The first is Addis Ababa is known as the capital city of Ethiopia as well as Africa. Addis is also known as diplomatic city of Africa, where most diplomats from all over the world prefer to visit or hold meetings on Africa. On the other hand, ‘Capital’ is wealth, assets and riches.

Bale Taxiw Behind the Scene



City Boyz Behind the Scene